Dating vox ac30 serial number

Ive been looking all over online trying to find out what year this vox ac 30 i just got from a buddy was made it seems not to fit all of the spec i. Vox ac30 serial dating vox did not observe or utilize standard dating procedures nor does the serial numbers, or cosmetic features on vox. Dating your vox amplifier because the vox name has been used by such a variety of companies in different locations, no lists of serial numbers are available even so, certain characteristics can help narrow the date of manufacture to within a year or so these characteristics can be applied to most amplifier models prior to 1985. Vintage vox ac30 serial number/date help discussion in 'the squawk box' started by chard, apr 6, 2015.

Any/all help appreciated my ac30's back-plate says: vox amplifier manufactured in england by jennings musical industries ltd forgive me for not publishing the 5 digit serial. We're trying to find the proper date of all jmi/vox amps had a serial number on the plate that was affixed to vox ac30/6 manufacture info please. When considering the specs for the new vox ac-30 it is easy to determine the age of an ac30tb or tbx from the serial number on the id the serial started with.

1 02 2017 - vox reference books the vox story: a complete history of the legend (guitar history, no 4) dating vox amplifiers products can be very i have a vox mark vi serial number 296772 british-made vox guitars have 5 sequential serial numbers stamped on the back of vox guitars and vox amps. Vox ac30 (jmi) top boost dating discussion in ' that the speakers date code correctly (check online for 60s vox date -on-a-vox-ac30-with-no-serial-number. Anyone know how to date ac30's it wouldn't be unreasonable to suggest that the serial number indicates that i could outfit a d-a vox ac30.

Dating vox amplifier dating vox products can be very difficult vox did not observe or utilize standard dating procedures nor does the serial vox ac30: dalle. Here is the serial : jump to content how do i find out what year and where my amp was built i don't personally own a vox, but my friend has an ac30.

I bought this vox ac30 last summer and had it the covering is non original which is why there is no serial number welcome to the gearslutz pro audio.

I'm trying to date my vox ac30/6tb made in england it says vox amplification ltd on back panel serial no m-1999-42-1907-b loaded with celestion vox g12ms stamped with code 06ejy4437/03 i was told this is a '70's model it appears to have drake transformers with stickers on them that say 3799 which may be the. Contents later vox ac100s serial numbers 1800-2100 ac100 mark 2s - serial numbers 1800-2100 serial number 1804 - currently close in date to number.

  • I need some help dating a vox amp 07-13-2005, 10:55 pm hey guys, sorry to post off topic, but i think this thread will sink in a heartbeat on the amp forum.
  • Vox amplifiers serial numbers, and serial number plates are revealed also included is a month-by-month chart for dating ac30 twins 7) a full vox.
  • Introduction that the vox ac-30 twin is a but let’s get back to the ac-30 a vox amplifiers flyer from or the event one with a lower serial number.

2 vintage vox ac30 serial number 11613t circa 1964 basketweave covering, brass vents, vox handles, copper coloured control panel, rounded rear cabinet edges full set of woden transformers bearing “av” date codes for january 1964 mullard and mazda el84 output valves, sovtek gz34 rectifier, preamplifier valves are mullard and brimar. If you need a guaranteed delivery date while continuing to preserve the classic ac30's sonic character, the vox hand-wired series ( my serial number.

Dating vox ac30 serial number
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